Market Research

Market Research

A well planned research helps in linking the consumers, customers, and public to the marketer through information — information that is used to identify, define and cap marketing opportunities for generation, refinement and evaluation of marketing actions.
The entire process when combined with vigilant monitoring will improve market understanding and act as a catalyst in realizing results.

Mazda Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. research team provides services across research and writing value-added reports. This team also offers in-depth company and industry analysis, research into trends and developments, competitive landscaping, regulatory environment and its impact and market entry strategies. The service is offered in various fields and is presented at the best rates in the industry. Our team of professionals conducts an extensive market research to meet the requirement of the clients.

We can target respondents based on a variety of research goals and market demographics, including age, gender, HHI, education level, geographic location, ethnicity, business occupation, industry group, employer size, influence on business or marketing purchases, and over 75 different personal habit and recreational interest data points. Our online panel is supplemented, as needed, from a small group of reliable providers who conform to our high standards for paid market research surveys.


Domain Experience

Our 8 year old market research service practice comprises of experienced team of over 50 full time employees delivering high-quality services in end-to-end market research operations. Our services inclue survey management, data acquisition, data processing, data visualization and analysis.

Relationship Management

We don't create business but a long term association with our clients, who come back to us knowing we'll help their business like our own. Mazda is known for it's 'client first' policy and that is the reason we have an array of clients who have been working with us year after year.

Cost Effective

Our business processes are system based and employ constant evaluation, thus, identifying the loopholes quicker. This approach help us in minimising the cost caused by flawed outcome. The final result is accurate and provides inference best suited for your product or service.