Career With Us

Every individual seeks an organization that molds and utilizes his skills to provide him with a fulfilling career. MCS understands this and employs proven organizational methods to enhance employee’s capabilities and propels him towards a suited career path within the organization. We focus, you grow.

With a strength of over 200 personnel, Mazda stands strong on its feet, ready to take on the challenges. If you think you want to be a part of this growing team, then join us!

Why MCS?

Referral Incentives

We trust our employees’ judgement and reward them for their referrals.

Lucrative Incentives

MCS prides in being one of the highest incentive paying company in the industry currently.

Attractive Rewards and Bonuses

A proven track record makes an employee in MCS eligible for vouchers, yearly bonus and gifts.

Annual Appraisal

MCS conducts annual performance review that takes into account both Quantitative and Qualitative aspects of one’s work, the process is highly methodical and unbiased, providing employees with a fair growth in their career.

Open Door Policy

Based in a linear hierarchy, Managers at MCS are always open to the concerns and suggestions of the staff and promote open channels of communication. We believe in first-name policy.

Internal Growth Path

We value our loyal employees and give them a fair chance to climb up the corporal ladder within the organization by entrusting them with higher responsibilities and positions.